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Founded in 2003, Pistol x Stamen is a full-service public relations agency that specializes in affordable luxury brands in the fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle industries. We embrace our clients and their businesses, and will treat your brand, budget and success as if it were our own. Our specialities include direct to consumer sales and marketing, digital marketing, development of social media programs, influencer partnerships, as well as traditional media.

Excelling at brand building, tribal marketing and creative solutions, we push boundaries and will instill a unique desire among your target audience. We are passionate about introducing new opportunities for brand growth with results driven through strategic communication, powerful media exposure, curated brand partnerships and consumer engagement. We are experts. We are problem solvers.

Exceeding expectations to elevate brand recognition and prestige for our diverse client portfolio, print, digital, social, and celebrity endorsements are not our only focus; even though those are a few of our prime specialties. Through a combination of media relations, promotions, synergistic alliance development and event production, Pistol x Stamen develops campaigns that exceed client expectations. Our campaigns take into consideration our client’s short and long term sales and marketing objectives with their public relations program designed around achievable, measurable and timely goals.

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